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Welcome! :)

:bulletgreen:The Kingdom Hearts Club (KHClub), the name says it all really: a club for all KH fans, doesn't matter which game; if you love KH then this is the place for you. You don't have to become a member to submit to this group, but we do ask you to take the time to check out our rules before submitting anything to the galleries.

:bulletgreen:The perks of becoming a member: You can join the contests held here at the club and you get 3 submissions a week to any gallery as opposed to 1 submission a week when you aren't a member.

:bulletgreen:Joining our group:
To join our group you simply have to click on the button that says "Join our group".

:bulletgreen:How to submit:
There's a button called "Contribute" click on that, or, go into the group's gallery, find the folder you need to submit too and click on the "+" sign to submit to a folder.

Submission Rules:
:bulletblue:1.Your submission must be KH related. FF characters are allowed if and so long they are presented as they were in the KH games. For OC's an original KH char has to be present because (apologies) it's not always clear OC's are an OC from the game.

:bulletblue:3.Please make sure that when you submit a cosplay picture, it is instantly clear who it is you are cosplaying.

:bulletblue:4.We are open to any art style, but we would appreciate it if you didn't submit scrapbook material.

:bulletblue:5.When you submit a piece to the club's gallery, make sure to submit it to the right folder.

:bulletblue:6.Use the mature content tag when it is needed!

:bulletblue:7.We do not accept any deviations containing original game artwork in them. As it is Copyright Infringement.…

:bulletblue:8: Specific to Fanfiction: We kindly ask that all fanfiction is spell checked and proof read before submission.

:bulletblue:9: No KH bashing - this is a Kingdom Hearts fan club, go hate the game and characters far away from here, thank you.

:bulletblue:10.Moderators have the right to decline any submissions. They will do so only if a member has not followed the rules specified above.

:bulletgreen:Who moderates this club?

:bulletgreen:Navigation to important journals:
Contests and events by affiliations!

:bulletgreen:Contests running right now:

Please, gimmie something to judge and smother with prizes!!!  
Amazingly, the KHClub will be having another contest before the end of the year! Mainly because I was sad to see the lack of participation for the November contest and ssst said I could do whatever I wanted. :evillaugh:
This means that I have decided to embrace the holiday spirit and invite each of you to do the same!
This will be a Greeting Card Contest!
:bulletgreen: Entries can be Artwork, Cosplay, Fanfiction, Comics or 3D Renders.
:bulletred: Deadline December 31st, 2012
:bulletgreen: Prizes will be:
First Place: A feature on the club's front page for one month, Your piece in the club's feature folder, commission fanfiction (2k words) from aliceupsidedown and 40 points from ssst
2nd Place: A feature on the club's front page for one month, Your piece in the club's feature folder, and 40 points from ssst

:bulletblack: Visit and chat as members!…
As you may have noticed, we (the admins) have been suspiciously absent these past couple of months.

It's not that we don't love this site or this club or Kingdom Hearts. We love all of those things. But we both have increased our workload for the summer and our plans for restarting the club with new and fun contests and prizes have been put on hold.

So, I (alice) have decided to invite two Admin interns to run the club during the summer with a possibility to stay on permanently.
Here is what I am looking for:

You have two weeks (June 10th) to send the club a note with your reasons as to why you want to be an admin.

You have submitted at least two pieces to the club for consideration.

You are at least sixteen years of age.

And finally, we really want someone who has steady internet access and a willingness to come up with at least one contest this summer.

We will take three days to consider all applicants and make a decision.

We hope to see some awesome applicants from this amazing group so give it a shot!

More Journal Entries

Recent Journal Entries

Contest Winners

Contest winners of our contests held here at Khclub. The featured winners will stay up for a month.

Winners of the Holiday Card contest!
:iconjamdroplet: with Happy Holidays by JamDroplet
:iconwishingdreamer5: with Smooth Moves
Riku let out a deep, frustrated sigh, feeling like banging his head against the wall until his skull cracked open. At least that would free him from his misery. His hand automatically shot up to run through his hair, but he stopped himself, knowing that it would only make him feel worse… after everything that had happened.
To distract himself, he opened the Christmas card he'd just found in the mail box (even though he'd put on a hood first, before going outside). When he saw that the card had the shape of a bright yellow Paopu fruit (including a leaf), he thought that it was from Kairi, who always came up with creatice concepts. This one looked very pretty, what with those little glitters on the front of the card. However, when Riku opened the card and hhis aquamarine eyes fell on the handwriting (which looked more like scrawling), he could only frown angrily. He had the urge to throw the card into the hearth and never look back at it again, but curiosity took over him.
The left side

:iconthe-cm: with Last Christmas - KHBypassing the darkness of winter's night skies, a faint glow of moonlight illuminated Riku's shiny silver locks and his pale skin as it crept through a bedroom window, where the young adult lay across a bed idly. Riku was facing the ceiling, his sea-green eyes staring off into nothingness, as he thought bitterly of his ruined Christmas plans.
The day was to be spent with Sora, or so he had thought. After all, they'd just moved in together to a small house located closer to the main town. It was partly the reason why he had been looking forward to this year's Christmas; it gave him an unconditional reason to spend it with Sora. He was supposed to just spend the earlier hours of the day doing simple things—be it lounging about at home or going around town, he didn't mind—and go for a Christmas party and Wakka's place at night. It didn't exactly sound special, but he was going to be with Sora and that was all that mattered.
But then, here he was, on Christmas evening, lying on a bed. A



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